Beginning in 1998 the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee has offered sponsorship's of each of Ireland's 32 Counties. In every parade since its inception men, women and children have marched bearing flags that represent “Ireland’s 32”- both in the Republic and Northern Ireland. Pattie and Bill Ertel are the deputy chairs for the project. On March 15, 2025 the flag bearers will again march under the sponsorship's of individuals and families. A single county may have a number of sponsors. A Special mention of the sponsors is made from the Reviewing Stand during the Parade, and they will also be listed on this website.

Ireland's 32 Sponsorship Form:

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    You may choose to pay your entry fee using a credit card or a PayPal account by selecting the "Buy Now" button at right, or you may mail a printed copy of your form, along with a check for the proper amount, made payable to:

    Rochester St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee
    PO Box 18156
    Rochester, NY 14618

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2024 Ireland’s 32


Kate & Dan McBride                             Donegal

Dedication:  For all the Dugan, Fitzgerald, Foley and McBride Family members


Robert & Sandy Finn                              Connacht

Dedication:  For all the Finn Family from the province of Connacht


Patricia Crowley                                     Cork

Dedication:  James Crowley and Family


Chris (Gayle & Raymond) Shalvoy       Cavan            

Dedication:  To my Brown, Hopper and Clifford (Ó Clúmháin) families – Tiocfaidh ar la


Dan Leach                                                Sligo

Dedication:  In memory of the Leach, Brett and Gahagan family members who have passed


Bill & Pattie Ertel                                     Limerick

Dedication:  In memory of our dear friends David Fay and Ida Rozanov                                


Bob Marchand                                         Waterford

Dedication:  In loving memory of Robert Wygal


Jack Montague                                         Derry

Dedication:  May all my relatives be Well!


Chris (Gayle & Raymond) Shalvoy         Dublin

Dedication:  To my Murphy (O Muchadha), Rooney (O’Ruanaidh) and Cullen (O”Cuilleannain) Families – Tiocfaidh ar la


Bill & Pattie Ertel                                       Kerry

Dedication:  In memory of the Quinn, Ryan and McGuire families


Leigh Normoyle                                        Clare   

Dedication:  In memory of my Dad


Sarah Pace                                                Connacht


Patricia Kamm                                          Meath


Megan Toumbacaris                                Leitrim


Marianne Tucker                                      Galway

Dedication:  In memory of Anne Leahy Griffith who shared her Irish heritage with everyone she met


Mark Dowdell                                            Louth

Dedication:  To my Family for which I am proud and grateful for their spirit and perserverance 


 Jim & Martha Sorce                                Wexford

Dedication:  In Memory of Martin and Mary Cleary