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Ireland's 32


Ireland’s 32

County sponsors and Dedications:

Eileen Fee Leitrim

Eileen Fee Kerry

Kate & Dan McBride Mayo

Dedication: In memory of the McBride, Foley, Dugan, Flannery, Hickey & Fitzgerald families

Sarah Pace Armagh

Robert & Sandy Finn Laois

Patricia Crowley Cork

Dedication: James Crowley

Martin Cleary Leinster

Dedication: The Cleary, Quillman and Buckley

Patrick S. Miller Roscommon

Dedication: To the future re-unification of Ireland. A 32 County Republic as asserted

In the proclamation of 1916

Patrick S. Miller Derry

Dedication: TiocFaidh ar la

Mike Loewke Cork

Dedication: Eileen Rose O’Brien Loewke

Margret Mason Caven

Dedication: In memory of the McGovern sisters from the Molton family

Greg Dixon Munster

Bill & Pattie Ertel Limerick

Dedication: In memory of our dear friends
David Fay and Ida Rozanov

Jack Montague Derry

Dedication: In memory of Patricia Barry

Michael Heaney Derry

Dedication: To all the Heaney, McFaffery, Kane, Leonard & Connolly clans

Chris Shalvoy Dublin

Dedication: To my Murphy (O Muchadha), Rooney (O’Ruanaidh) and Cullen
(O”Cuilleannain) Families – Tiocfaidh ar la

Dan Leach Sligo

Dedication: To the Leach, Brett, Cleere and Gahagan

Mark Dowdell Laois

Dedication: In memory of Rick Dowdell

Joan Belgiorno Waterford

Dedication: In Memory of my Grandparents
Madeline (nee McHenry) & James Patrick Flynn

Sponsorship Form

Beginning in 1998 the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee has offered sponsorship's of each of Ireland's 32 Counties. In every parade since its inception men, women and children have marched bearing flags that represent “Ireland’s 32”- both in the Republic and Northern Ireland. Pattie and Bill Ertel are the deputy chairs for the project. On March 17, 2018 the flag bearers will again march under the sponsorship's of individuals and families. A single county may have a number of sponsors. A Special mention of the sponsors is made from the Reviewing Stand during the Parade, and they will also be listed on this website.

You may also include a dedication to ancestors, a historic figure, friends who still live in the Emerald Isle, in memory of a departed one, or...


The first step in submitting your Sponsorship is to print this completed form. This will be important if you will be mailing in your form along with your entry fee. The resulting print DOES NOT complete the entry process, you must also complete Step 2.

After printing your entry form proceed to Step 2.


Fill out the "CAPTCHA" field below, then click the "Submit" button to proceed to the next page and select your method of payment.

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The St. Patrick's Day Parade is one of Rochester's oldest  traditions.

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